CAPITOL BUILDINGHas anyone stopped to think that all the smoke and mirrors surrounding the Presidential election is a deliberate screen to shield the 88% of the do-nothing #Congress who are up for re-election? Everyone knows that the frustration we share is not with what is being done but what is not being done.  The President is subject to term limits.  Let’s let Congress enjoy the same experience, good or bad, young or old, dump the incumbents.  With enthusiastic grassroots support for Trump and Sanders it appears as if the country is ready for dramatic change. Voting for Bernie or Donald will not bring about any change. Voting in a completely new House of Representatives will bring substantial change no matter who is elected.  Our system is ill and our action is the medicine needed to cure the disease.  Join me now and spread the word and  in November, vote and change the world!

#Congressionalelection #Whowantstobepresident #Trump #Sanders #Presidentialelection

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