Does anyone else realize that the smoke and mirrors regarding the presidential election has been generated to mask the actions of the real problem, Congress? The unprecedented support for out-of-the-mainstream candidates (Trump and Sanders) reflects the frustration of American voters with “traditional politicians” and their willingness to accept extreme and at times bizarre behavior and platforms in an effort to secure change, any change.

Since 2010, Congress’s approval rating has never reached 30% while their disapproval rating has ranged between 70-85%. Those who chose to shut down the government for political expediency, who seem to have forgotten the words “negotiation” and “compromise” and “common good”, who are campaigning for their next election from the day they take office, who fail to address the needs and concerns of their constituency now need your help once again. The entire House of Representatives is up for re-election this year. Let’s get a new house. The Senate has 34 seats up for grabs. Let’s ensure that America has 34 new senators. If the American people follow their current presidential voting trends, they will make sure that no incumbent is elected to Congress.

The President in many respects has his or her hands tied by the actions or inaction of Congress, particularly when that Congress announces an antagonistic approach to anything the President may support, regardless of the needs and wishes of the American people.

We should choose alternatives but choose wisely, choose any candidate who is NOT an incumbent. If we do that, it won’t matter which party is in office, there will be change.

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