Bad Choice A…Bad Choice B

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Now that another Memorial Day (Decoration Day) has passed and we have honored our fallen war heroes, it’s a good time to reflect on why they gave the ultimate sacrifice. I’m not talking about the reasons our government decided to go to war, rather the personal convictions of those who served. I believe that their motivation was to preserve the security and liberty of their families and fellow citizens along with duty, honor and a palpable, abiding love of our country.

In the insanity of our current politics, to truly honor our war dead, it is essential when deciding on who to vote for that we remember our heroes personal convictions. I believe it diminishes their efforts to merely vote on party lines or for one candidate or another out of anger or fear. The process is supposed to be a calculated, deliberate selection of the candidate you believe is the best to lead our country or represent us in Congress or other governing bodies. It is difficult to choose when the selection consists of potential dishonesty, potential insanity and potential radicalism.  Somehow, our democracy has morphed into a dystopia; we have truly passed through the looking glass. The only way to find our way back to the other side is to think, to evaluate and rise above the sound bytes.

One candidate has years of the experience and background that we would all look for in our selection process but she has a cloud of uncertainty regarding her integrity. One candidate is a very successful businessman but appears to have significant mental issues along with ethical concerns. One candidate has had a successful career as a mayor and member of Congress for over 35 years but is perceived a radical. Which one is the best? That is the puzzlement.

Whoever you do select, please remember the sacrifice others gave to ensure that we have an opportunity to vote. Please don’t disrespect their memories by voting with emotion rather than reason.

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