Who Wants to be President

I am proud to announce that I have launched an exploratory committee to evaluate the feasibility of running for President of the United States. I wanted to get ahead of the apparent millions who will also be announcing. I am 100% completely and totally unaffiliated. I have conservative views and liberal views. I believe that having an affiliation stunts the intellectual process. (We may believe strongly in some aspects of someone else’s platform, be luke warm on other points and outright opposed to a portion. Labeled as a “this” or “that”, we feel an alliegance thus an obligation to support even the views we personally oppose.) As President, my views will be mine alone and will never trump the will and the needs of the American people. In my book “Who Wants to be President” I create a political party, the HOME party, an acronym for Honesty, Oversight, Morality and Ethics. I honestly believe that that is the only platform any candidate should ever need. I cannot propose that I will resolve any issue, only that I will work night and day to advance the will of the people; my job. I will use the tools I have to accomplish that, intellect, honesty, a dedication to oversight, morality and ethics. Please do not send me any money as I will pursue my goal totally self-funded or unfunded which will involve a lot of social media. If you want to help, purchasing my book would help to advance the cause but is not solicited or required.

Ebooks available on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Who-Wants-President-Ri…/…/ref=sr_1_1… I also have paperback copies which you can purchase by contacting me directly.

The country we currently live in has changed so significantly in the last 30-40 years that it seems that we have learned absolutely nothing from all of our past mistakes. Perhaps it’s just that we know so much more about everything in the information age. Whatever the cause, the problem requires action. The bottom line is that if we love our country, it is our responsibility to get involved and stay involved to advance and defend the issues that effect all of us in an honest and ethical manner that will provide the best results for the most of our fellow Americans. I am hopeful that the current upcoming generation will make significant change. They seem to have the ability to not only identify problems and obstacles to progress but also the creativity to develop realistic solutions. I welcome your questions and comments and also your support. I expect to make an announcement in the near future

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