Henry Ansell on Amazon.com – May 27, 2016

Let’s change How we elect a President

We are now in a race for the White House. Do we vote against, not vote for, or not vote at all? Or is it the lesser of two evils? Is this bad for America? What about media bias? Armies of reporters digging up every aspect of the candidates lives. Is this what our forefathers envisioned?

Mr. Pook takes the reader through a maze of destruction and chaos to the door of the White House by two very courageous people .They faced the impossible task of challenging the Powers in Washington with some luck and perseverance.

I was very impressed with the beginning of each chapter.There was a fascinating quotation that pertained to the message Mr. Pook wanted to deliver. Very nice and thought out “touch” indeed.

“Who Wants to be President” is a book in good company. There are several compelling reads on the state of our nation and what America can do to resolve it’s political problems. The goal of the voter must be to restore our country to its former greatness. Mr. Pook takes an interesting approach to leverage the media. His message is to encourage more involvement by the people across America in an effort to get our voice heard and to change a corrupt Washington. This book is a winner! There was just enough of the “mission impossible” and intriguing episodes to keep me tuned in to the very end. Well done.

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