The Ardent Reader on – April 14, 2016

This book was a breath of fresh air! Not only current but frightfully so. Duncan has a silly idea that grows in his mind.
An idea so out of the norm but also almost necessary that it just might work.
His idea is a reality show called “Who Wants to be President.” This idea is so foreign to the status quo that no one will even give him a chance.
Until he goes to a more “serious” network. There are two people on staff who are intrigued by the idea and the concept.
The American public, as a whole, is tired of the hierarchy of our government. The capital cronyism that continues without abatement no matter what the American people want or need.
The people who have been voted into office are too busy lining their pockets with lobby bribes and pay raises that they get to vote for themselves and using their power to maneuver for their own benefit. The idea of this “show” is to choose a regular citizen, be it man or woman, no matter how rich or poor. No matter their background. These contestants will debate real issues. And a winner will be chosen by the people.

As an American citizen, a dedicated voter and a disabled woman. I know this book hit me pretty hard. This author has hit the nail on the proverbial head.
I am tired of the way things are and would love to see the events of his book come to fruition. In another kind of world, it could probably happen!
It would be an improvement of monumental proportions over the millionaire “representatives” that we are basically stuck with at this particular time.
It is a sad state of affairs when your only choice for President is the lesser of two evils. The lengths that some will go to in this book to keep things “business as usual” is scary and prophetic.
Just as was stated in the book, we can sit in long lines for sports event tickets or the latest technology but voting doesn’t seem to be important anymore.This novel is very well written! I was completely engrossed from the beginning until the end.
This story made me realize that many people feel the way I do about our government.
Our current system is irrevocably broken. If something like this could happen, I think it would be amazing! I appreciated the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. They were
poignant and so fitting as to make it even better.This book does something other than tell a story. It instills exactly what it wanted to, hope.
Hope that someone out there is thinking of a better way to do thigs.
And not just for what it can do for themselves.
I highly recommend this book. I really enjoyed the mystery and the suspense!

* I received a courtesy copy of this title from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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