WEBSITE BIO PHOTOI’ve had many journeys within the journey of my life. I was blessed with the opportunity to grow up in a small town in a setting that for the most part, revolved around the bay and ocean, boats and beaches. We enjoyed a freedom that children today will never know. I was an avid reader and would often stay up most of the night to finish a book that I couldn’t put down.

Hitchhiking around the country, I met and talked with many different kinds of people, living an “On the Road” type of life. I’ve worked all kinds of jobs including mowing lawns, digging clams, staff at a nuclear power plant under construction, building pre-fabricated houses, inspecting houses, selling real estate and a career in aviation. My employment at Pan American World Airways opened my eyes to new wonders, new cultures and travel around the world. I continued my career in aviation and my travels continued as well. I have always loved studying literature and wrote for myself for my entire life.

Many years ago, I realized the power of language, how some words or word combinations are much more powerful than others. I am still intrigued that mere words, symbols on a page, can make us laugh or cry or empathize or hate; take us through the spectrum of emotion. I appreciate the fact that language brings order, provides details and is the primary tool in education.

Politics in America have become so polarized, so contentious and frankly so bizarre that I felt that the only way I could do anything to express myself in the sea of madness in which we live, was to write this book. I hope that it has a positive impact on readers and at the same time, is entertaining. Enjoy!

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